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I reiterate an epithet for the tombstone to engrave:

« Empire of Banks – 1773-2024 »

To form a credible hypothesis on the real importance of the events taking place as we speak in the Spring of 2022, one needs to speculate. Even when laying out a theory saturated with facts, any author inevitably faces barbed-wire suspension points, which will have to be linked through speculation, resting on logic and insight. This hypothesis must also be carved out of a global understanding of the ever-changing geopolitical system, because basically, we are all locked in a vacuum bubble of ignorance, for all the crucial information is simply crossed out from documents, reports and medias. Even our knowledge of simple reality is thinner than we think: as Vladimir Putin so aptly renamed it in his first explanation of the blitzkrieg in Ukraine, our bubble is also «the empire of lies», which even makes one doubt the so-called facts that we are fed, let alone the analysis of them. So let’s recall the speculative conclusion of one of my articles (About Trump), released 6 months before the Great Plandemic:

« The world will change dramatically between 2020 and 2024. Trump’s second and final term coincides with Putin’s final term as President of Russia. There may not be another coincidence like this for a very long time, and both know it’s now, or maybe never. Together they must put an end to NATO, to Swift, and the European Union should collapse. Terrorism and anthropogenic global warming will disappear in the maelstrom along with their creators. Trump will have to drain the CIA and Pentagon swamps, and nationalize the Federal Reserve. Together with Xi and Modi, they could put a definitive end to the dominance of private banking in public economies, by refusing to pay a single penny of their debts, and rebuild the world economy by switching to national currencies produced by governments, and thus, private banks will fall like dominoes. »

All the signs were already there to anticipate a final struggle between nationalist leaders against the globalist banking clique of Davos, led by international banks, multinationals and other plutocrats who believe that three-quarters of humanity are useless mouths to feed. Nowadays, Trump can only offer moral support, but regardless of whether he comes back or not, it now seems likely that Putin and Xi, with the support of several important players like Modi, Bolsonaro, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are directing globalism towards its final twilight. With what the Davos Forum (mouthpiece of central bankers) was preparing for humanity, in terms of economic destruction, annihilation of human rights and freedoms, totalitarian surveillance and dehumanization, well, the sooner the better. It’s never a good idea to leave the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

Little Reminder

Since the events of 2008 in Georgia, and those in Libya and Syria in 2011, Vladimir Putin has finally realized that he can expect nothing from globalists, for whom politicians are mere interchangeable puppets allowing them to control economies. Vladimir was dreaming of international integration for a long time, but he now knows that the sovereignty of Russia can never be respected in the current global system. From then on, he strove from this epiphany of realism to sow deadly seeds, that when harvested would dissolve and disintegrate their empire. He was methodical.

  • Build an invincible offensive and defensive Russian military machine
  • Halt Israel’s expansion in Syria
  • Free the oil-producing nations from the globalists’ greedy clutches
  • Control the whole energy market, supply and prices
  • Support China in its Trans-Eurasian new Silk Road and Shanghai Cooperation economic projects
  • Create the BRICS with 4 other major international nations
  • Build an internal internet and banking payment system

Oh, and buy gold, lots of gold, and wait until Sergei Glazyev explains why. The common ideology of «economic exchanges between autonomous nations» shared with main partner China appeals to several nations, who will all wish to join in, sooner or later. Over time, Vlad’s garden grew and in Ukraine came harvest time.

Plan B

With the Great Plandemic of 2020-2022, the empire of lies launched its technocratic health and climate totalitarianism plan, tainted with gray and austere communism, which must be implemented in layers culminating in Agenda 2030, riddled with supposedly «smart» cities, life-size electric trains, Don Quixote wind mills and Spock-like digital identities, ensuring everyone’s obedience by linking your good behavior and carbon credits to a conditional access to your virtual-currency bank account. In short, the spare parts of nightmares. This obedience, conditioned for 2 years by mandatory masks and other idiotic measures, is essential to the success of Dr. Schwab’s Great Reset, which involves way too many deep socio-economic changes for people to voluntarily consent. No one aspires to live in a gloomy hyper-surveillance police world, deprived of freedom, and condemned to take eternal fake vaccines and real microchips going in a dehumanizing crescendo, this will only please Schwab and a few other deranged old men disguised as Sith lords.

Plan A has slowly slipped into a laughable coronacircus narrative destroyed by many dissident scientists, whom the media and social networks tried to censor to maintain the absurd fable of a global pandemic. These courageous scholars brought their knowledge, their studies and their statistics demolishing absolutely everything of the Covid global farce. From failing PCR tests to experimental RNA gene therapies as harmful as ineffective; to coffee filters stuck on the south of our faces; everything sounded so wrong. Neither the unpopular health passports, nor the very incomplete economic decline, nor the reality of the vaccination campaigns achieved their ultimate objectives, and when people ceased to believe in their imaginary variants, came the time to move on to Plan B: a world war.

Does that seem like easy drama to you? Know that Russia and China have become with time more than nagging pebbles in the shoe, they have become rocks of Gibraltar in the globalist soup. Faced with the creation of a bipolar world, their grandiose technocratic single-world government becomes impossible. The rationalization of national debts for a big reset is ludicrous when a vast majority of nations have had enough of private banking controlling their economies: at best, a handful of Western countries could arrange a little reset among themselves, to enslave a few innocent populations even deeper.

These nations are quite easy to identify, since ex-bankers or Young Global Leaders of the Davos Forum lead them as elected presidents or prime ministers: France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a few other banana neo-republics of little geopolitical importance, although they act otherwise, fooling no-one. As in tennis, the foursome China, Russia, USA and India is playing the match, and the others are just waiting for the outcome. Nobody has ever personified Lafontaine’s fable of the frog who wanted to look like an ox, better than Macron and Trudeau, the 2 of spades and clubs in the deck. A great reset can only work if everyone gets on the cruise. However, China and Russia are, to say the least, refractory. For our dear globalists, these two military and economic superpowers have become foes to be vanquished, dead or alive.


NATO, the big banks’ army, knows only too well that it can’t win a conventional war against Russia, especially since China now steadfastly supports its main Eurasian partner. In fact, the senile Biden started mumbling about the New World Order he wishes to lead, the day after President Xi told him on a telephone call that he wouldn’t betray his new best friend. Reality is that NATO ships have become floating ducks for Russian hypersonic missiles; that NATO ground troops bewildered by Murmansk’s electronic jamming would be flattened by artillery and hyper-capable Sukhoi’s, while their own Tomahawks, Cruise missiles and the laughable F-35s would be picked off by potentially infallible defensive Russian s-400s and s-500s. Investing 1/15th of the NATO military budget, Russia has won the tech war, and despite its annual trillion dollars spending, NATO would look like a garden gnome on a battlefield. The American industrial military complex is about moneymaking, while Russia’s is about defense.

But since it is absolutely necessary to annihilate this military superpower, the globalists could still launch a conventional war, while threatening Russia with the nuclear specter in case things turned sour, that is to say a few weeks after the start of a conflict. With their antiquated ballistic missiles in a hypersonic world, the West is too far behind to convincingly threaten a country surrounded by nearly flawless defensive systems, unless these antiquated missiles are fired from too close for the Russian defense to react. Thus, the importance of Ukraine for NATO who wished to install missiles within a few minutes of Moscow. Medias, both mainstream and independent, will give you 100 different explanations for the launching of this special operation in Ukraine, but by deleting the Ukraine option for NATO missiles, and Russia the heavy favorite in a conventional war, the better situation for NATO is now to watch it unfold. Bear in mind the possibility that Russia could actually survive a nuclear exchange from far-range, but that would not be the case for several Western capitals where a shower of Sarmats and Avangard would fall; engines of hell that nothing can stop. For NATO’s bosses, it’s time to think hard about their own relevance.

Business as usual for Vladimir Putin who won the second match by checkmate: with the Ukraine invasion, he potentially ended Plan B or a 3rd world war, by erasing any favorable outcome for the globalist clique. Oh, they’re still crazy enough to try it anyway, only to make the planet suffer, but the outcome would be the same.

Moreover, today, the level of panic in the mainstream media is equal to the disarray of our plutocrats, for whom nothing is going right. The world is literally slipping from their slimy hands. They have destroyed economies and indebted countries that can no longer repay, and are having nightmares over a leftover reset almost impossible to put into action, which Wall Street seems to be moving away from. Worse, their political puppets have pushed Plan A so far that they are totally exposed, as the plandemic truth rains everywhere on the planet, like a cracked dam rumbling before a collapse. All it would need now would be Trump’s return, as Aragorn finished off Mordor, and the only reset would be about a money-creation scheme instead of our lives. They were dreaming of drowning humanity in Orwell’s novel «1984», but instead, the Young Global Leaders might face life sentences at the ICC. Even the tsunami of post-invasion sanctions against Russia is reversing, since their only real effect is to accelerate the economic and geopolitical overhaul of the world, which is now clustering around the Russia-China axis, whose plans are not imperial, not murderous, and favor men over androids.

Sergei Glazyev is Russia’s most nationalist economist, and he has been seeking to split the Russian central bank from globalists for several years. He served as a special economic advisor to Vladimir Putin, who just put him back at the forefront of crucial decisions in regards with the unfolding events. I refer to an article that comes directly from Glazyev, edited for clarification:

Since the beginning of the military campaign in Ukraine, the management of the Russian economy has moved to a war logic. The escalation of US and EU sanctions is aimed at confiscating Central Bank assets and destroying all financial ties between Russia and the West. We need to create our own exchange space and ruble pricing mechanisms for goods produced in excess here. Invite partners in Asia to introduce a global payment and settlement currency based on the index of national currencies and traded goods. Create a broad international coalition for the restoration of norms of international law, including WTO and IMF norms, which Western sanctios officials are shamelessly violating with their sanctions and trade wars. US sanctions are the agony of the outgoing imperial world economic system, based on the use of force. In order to minimize the dangers associated with it, it is necessary to accelerate the formation of a new – integral – economic world order that restores international law, national sovereignty, equality of countries, diversity of national economic models and the principles of mutual benefit and voluntariness.

This sounds like Sergei popping out of Vlad’s head. Putin has been repeating that last sentence like a mantra since 2008. A week later, the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Armenia, together with China, agreed on the mechanism of an independent international monetary and financial system, Glazyev style. The Eurasian system will be based on an international currency, most likely a reformed SDR based on blockchain technology, backed on gold and resources, and calculated as an index of the national currencies of participating countries, as well as the prices of resources. The system is a very serious alternative to the US dollar, as the EEU could attract not only countries that have joined the BRICS, but also a host of countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and now, Saudi Arabia. And it’s only just begun, everyone will soon be seeking their economic freedom and political autonomy. Rather than opting for the Davos technocratic human warp, they will be tempted to cut the cord with Western banks, leaving their debt with the creditors, reshaping their homemade reset, as long as they can find a leader who’s got the guts to work for the people instead of the landlords. But surely, the US dollar and imperial hegemony are now in disarray.

As enforcer of the Banking Empire, the United States will do anything to avoid a Eurasian World Order, and they are willing to sacrifice all their allies to maintain the hegemony. The divorce between the USA, which wants to impose excessive sanctions, and Europe, which is totally dependent on Russian energies and thus, suffering from these sanctions, is underway. At first they seemed to be following the Reset plan by destroying their societies, but reality is catching up with European governments who are complying through the backdoor. Europe can’t replace the Russian oil, coal and gas, not to mention fertilizers, wheat, nickel, wood, uranium and almost every raw material. If they don’t get that stuff, governments will be ousted, by elections or force. Game over, as Vlad says he will honor every contract, as long as everything is now paid in rubles, and he adds that they can have 5000 rubles for a gram of gold. Russia is forcing its central bank toward nationalization and is going back to the gold standard, ending the cycle of worthless moneymaking schemes.

As soon as globalists accept their defeat with the impossibility of reversing the trend, international banks like the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS and other instruments of economic control will be obsolete in the next world, unless reformed top to bottom and purged of any globalist matter. It is only a matter of time before the Western bloc falls apart and dislocates through crevices that have been cracking over decades. Costly and useless, NATO is finished. The dysfunctional and asymmetrical EU, and its meta-democratic politics will make the Schengen cult absurd in a world of nationalists, collaborating among themselves for prosperity and peace. The SWIFT system is coughing blood. The dollar is spiraling in inflation, soon in hyperinflation if no one takes the reins. To survive economically in a real world where oil does not see electricity as a viable substitute, for it does not propel cargos, armies or aircrafts, it will be necessary to display much more humility and agree to collaborate rather than dominate. What if the Eurasian World Order really had nothing to do with imperialism? A golden age for humanity could follow, after centuries of globalist guano on which humanity has constantly slipped.

There will be one main struggle left, the most glorious of all: the people will have to free themselves from dominating governments, and bring them back to their original function as servants of the people. And this fight will concern Chinese and Russian citizens along with American, French, Italian or Canadian citizens. During the plandemic, parts of Russia emulated Western dictators by imposing a health passport, and by now, it’s unclear how far China wants to go with their first generation of digital ID hidden in QR codes. Even if this system is not as Orwellian as our media would have us believe, such control is unacceptable. Governments must work for the people, and we must throw in a bottomless trash can digital identity, facial recognition, chipping, genome editing, neurological implants, unnecessary vaccinations, and all that doesn’t benefit the individual. Anything that keeps him from living his life the way he wants. Anything that interferes with his freedom.

In short, everything has to be redone, but in a world of nationalists where self-determination could be respected, everything is possible.

But I’m still speculating.

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